Welcome and thank you for electing me to represent your interests on the Diablo Water Board.

I was elected last November, sworn-in on December 19th and cast my first votes the same night.

Greetings Friends,
I dedicate myself to bringing you and your family the cleanest, safest potable water while protecting the Delta's unique and fragile ecosystem.  I will keep our community up-to-date on water issues that effect us and how we can all work together to restore the delta water flows.


I have the passion and energy for making the Diablo Water District the most environmentally sound, "state of the art" water treatment facility in the Heart of the Delta. We could be the model to which all communities aspire.


In East Contra Costa, we get most of our water from the Delta so any impacts to that water source is an attack on our community and our health: physically and economically. I will fight against the ill-conceived Delta tunnels project, and to restore flows to our regional confluence.

Short & Simple Title

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Knightsen Water
Bethel Island Water
Oakley Water

January 2019 Notes

NO  Rate Increase 

We can do better.

Diablo Groundwater Sustainablity Agency Plan

More assistance for those in need

Better Rates for those who save.

Zero Sprawl Subsidies


December 2018 Notes

  • Diablo Water District Elections (: YES

  • GAS STATION~ Empire & Laurel :/ NO

NO ON Gas Station feet away from Main Drinking Water Canal.

I felt it was my duty as a defender of the planet to cast my first vote against a Gas Station Project to be located feet away from the Contra Costa Canal; potable water supply for more than 100,000 users/customers.

the Lead Agency, Oakley's, request for water to begin construction on the Arco Gas Station on the corner of Empire and Laurel.  The project is literally about fifty feet from the Contra Costa Canal.  Public Comments reflected a concern about

I could not fathom the Diablo Water District being a rubber stamp for Development.  We have to pay attention to the health of the uniquely sensitive nature of the East Cypress Corridors proximity to the Delta, as well as the effects of all of Oakley and Bethel Island's development there.

Now we are the "manager's" of the Groundwater Sustainability Agency's

East Contra Costa Water
Tracy Subbasin
California Water
Diablo Water District
East Contra Costa Integrated Water
Groundwater Sustainability Act
diablo managing our subbasin