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The Diablo Water Staff are the best, most professional people I have had the honor to be associated with; our clerks are knowledgeable, caring and courteous, our financial officer and administrative secretary (un-official brains of the outfit) are also incredibly knowledgeable and efficient, our field staff are amazing workers with great attention to detail and our engineers and inspectors design and are implementing a world-class system! Thanks Diablo staff, keep up the good work!

diablo water Board Noteworthy Sept items

Choosing Diablo Water Rep. District Map
*NO MORE at-large elections for DWD
Talking BONDS: We are discussing Debt Consolidation and Taking $4 Million to Rebuild Diablo Water Corpyard
General Comments re: Diablo Water GSA
*Directors "Serve" You as Groundwater Sustainability Agency
RATE INCREASE: Preliminary Charts & Discussion


The current variable RATE is based on UNITS. One UNIT = 100 cubic foot = 748 gallons. We call this a UNIT. One UNIT = 100 cubic feet of water. Which is 748 gallons.


If your bill says you USED 1 UNIT for the month... then you used 748 gallons for the month. [This is an industry standard]


The first 8 units you use cost $3.22 per unit, [$3.22/Unit up to 8 UNITS.]


After 8 units, it goes up to $3.80 per unit. Over 8 UNITS will cost $3.80/Unit.


It is said that a family of 4 uses 400 gallon per day.

30days x 400gal = 12,000gal/mo ... 12,000gal/748gal = 16 UNITS


16 UNITS = First 8 Unit X $3.22 = $25.76 Second 8 Unit X $3.80 = $30.40 Volume charge for 16 Units $56.16

We charge a FLAT fee of about $16/month for Single Family Homes. So, for 16 Units you will pay about $56.16 + $16 = $72.32


Know Your Local Water Groups

Groundwater Stakeholder Input Wanted

Sustainability Groundwater Management Act [SGMA]

Water Groups working together to make Smarter Science-based Water decisions & increase clout and share resources: common Acquifer: formally the Tracy subbasin

Diablo Water District

Water provider for Bethel Island, Knightsen & Oakley.

Ratepayers and effected well owners vote for 5 at-large Directors to represent them

East Contra Costa Integrated Regional Water Management

Water provider for Bethel Island, Knightsen & Oakley.

Ratepayers and effected well owners vote for 5 at-large Directors to represent them

Meeting Schedule

Diablo Water District Groundwater Sustainability Agency

Water provider for Bethel Island, Knightsen & Oakley.

Ratepayers and effected well owners vote for 5 at-large Directors to represent them

Meeting Schedule

East Contra Costa Groundwater Sustainability Management Group

Water provider for Bethel Island, Knightsen & Oakley.

Ratepayers and effected well owners vote for 5 at-large Directors to represent them

Meeting Schedule



URGENT: Groundwater Stakeholder Input Wanted

roadmap to SGMA copy.jpg

SGMA: just being BLUNT

✓ SGMA will affect your groundwater pumping
✓ SGMA establishes new responsibilities to share groundwater
✓ SGMA will change how we use land and water
✓ SGMA does not change water rights

Sustainability Groundwater Management Act [SGMA]

The East Contra Costa Subbasin Groundwater Management Group will be crafting a Plan to Sustainably Manage the entire East County Subbasin/Aquifer. And while the group is comprised of Antioch, Byron-Bethany IG, Brentwood, CCWD, Contra Costa, Diablo Water, Discovery Bay, ECC Irrigation District and everywhere in East County;  I have been fighting to make sure that the area's Domestic Well Owners know about this and have a voice.

Many people in Eastern Contra Costa still use well water; one of the promises I made while on the campaign trail was to protect the rights of well owners to draft water from the local aquifer... and to protect the quality of that water supply.


I have met with many families that wish to continue to remain independent; and maintain the well usage life-style... they understand the Public Trust Doctrine: basically water resources are owned by the public and held in trust for the public by the state and local governments for the benefit of all present and future citizens. The government does not "own" the water like it owns land for parks and forests, but is empowered to manage and maintain water resources ensuring to ensure long-term quality and sustainability for the public. . This relationship is rooted in Roman law


December: Director Seger is the only elected official from any jurisdicion to speak out and vote against Oakley's Woodcreek Oaks Petroleum, Inc. (Gas Station project at 2140 Laurel Road ARCO AM/PM   read more


New Democratic Election
Process Being Discussed.


Instead of At-Large elections make your Representatives more accountable to your neighborhoods!

Public Hearing for By-Division Elections Pre-Map Creation


In response to the California Voters Right Act, the Diablo Water District took action in December 2018 to transition the District from at-large elections to  by-division elections. The District’s demographer (Cooperative Strategies) will provide an overview of the map creation process. Once this is complete, input will be sought from the Directors and public on possible area boundaries.

Motivate efficient and sustainable use of water; hold all users accountable to reasonable consumption levels; implement and enforce regulations for groundwater use that includes full usage documentation

January: Director Seger the only dissenting vote against the Diablo Water RATE Increase.

My first concern was that we are not assisting disparaged income customers.  We need to help those who are facing difficult times financially NOW!

Diablo's rate model should significantly reward those who make deep cuts in water use. Very large water users [developers, irrigation should be monitored carefully... they should pay the highest rates.  (But not conscientious local "AG limited"/farmers.)


"I refuse to join any club that would have me as a member." - Groucho Marx

"... but this time I made an exception."

- Director Seger